7 thoughts on “Knee High by 4th of July

  1. Half my corn (the side that had corn last year) is knee high. Planted the same time was corn that had green beans planted there the previous year..that is shoulder high. I plant my corn early like mid april. The farmers usually plant end of april. I try to plant mine so it does not pollinate with the GMO farm corn. Glad you are getting corn this year!

    1. I do not think I could get away with planting the end of April. Our last freeze is the third week in May….I could try a small patch next year and see what happens! We have no other big farms around here, so no worries about GMO contamination.

  2. Yay! Few things beat a freshly picked ear of sweet corn.

    We plant ours in mid April (and it’s been raining continuously since then) so ours is about seven feet tall now. I hope to start harvesting it in about 10 days (if the racoons don’t get it first).

    1. Are you kidding me, Bill? Must you brag?! 😉 We had a snow storm and freeze in May! I hope to get any corn by October! I have my fingers crossed!

  3. Yes, corn takes a lot of water in dry west. But I love corn on the cob, which we can’t here in Italy. They sell it on occasion, but it’s dry, tough and fit for cattle. We never bought it again!

    1. I have read that about Italy. I read all things Italian, cookbooks, travel memoirs…I want to travel to Italy, live in Italy, drink Italian wines, farm in the Italian countryside…etc. I did read that the corn there is our original corn before sweet corn. I love corn on the cobb as well with lots of butter, chili powder, lime juice, and garlic salt!

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