The Quick Switch

There they went galloping down the neighbor’s driveway when it dawned on me how they were getting out.  We set up boards to block the larger sections of chicken wire.  Apparently a five inch square is all they need to get out.  Smug, we grinned at the baby goats, blew them a kiss, and went … More The Quick Switch

Homestead Animals

“Your goats were out again today,” the boys across the street casually mentioned. “Again?” Doug said, with a little laugh. “Not funny.  I turned around in my garage and there were the two little goats about to drink antifreeze!” “You need a chain for those goats,” our neighbor, Leo, joined in. I guess the first … More Homestead Animals

Capturing Smiles

My lovely sixteen year old daughter, Emily, has such an amazing eye for photography.  I, being a victim and perpetrator of many hundreds of straight on, smile in the camera, generic shots, I so appreciate the artistic hand and vision that all my children carry with them.  I love that Emily chooses to magnify the retro in … More Capturing Smiles

Homesteading Freedom

Everything costs something; either time or money.  Everything will require something as its payment.  We used to have a cleaning lady, nice cars, enjoyed expensive restaurants, took the kids on cruises.  We worked hard for the money and spent it on what we deemed the good life.  But it was a farce.  It was an … More Homesteading Freedom

The Loveliness of Dark

Driving through the rain last night, the darkness surrounding our vehicle, the only light was glimmering off of storm clouds.  Gentle pattering of rain created a soothing sound in our midst.  A small frog crossed the road in front of us heading toward the creek which is often dry this time of  year.  Frogs crossing the … More The Loveliness of Dark