Goats on the Couch


Doors continue to open.  We were offered a pair of adorable goats in exchange for classes!  How could we resist?  Sitting in the back yard last night watching the goats play with Bumble the Greyhound was hilarious.  The chickens milling about.  The weather perfect.  Inside the goats jumped on the couch, jumped on the cats, jumped on our laps, then curled up asleep under a cabinet.  Their favorite game is jumping on the swinging ottoman and holding on.  This morning Jovie was sitting with Ichabod, the cat, on the yellow chair and decided she had to pee.  Ichabod didn’t mind and Jovie was confused why I was yelling to get down!  They are adorable.  We just have to get used to saying, “Please don’t eat the computer cord, or turn off the power strip, or pee on the cat.  Thanks.”


Jill first told me about her new addition that was born last Sunday.  She is an Angora/Nigerian dwarf mix.  Dual use, fiber and milk.  She is all white with little curls, more like a lamb then a goat.  Blue eyes and a sweet disposition won us over immediately.  She loves to snuggle.  She needs to work on not getting the majority of her milk from the bottle up her nose.  She does love her bottle.


Jill also offered me a baby that was born two days before the little white one.  Three quarters Nubian and one quarter Nigerian Dwarf.  After my memory of the bruiser animals, I said no thanks.  She had a registered eleven week old Nigerian Dwarf we could take along with the baby.


When we pulled up to the house a cacophony of goat singing was following Jill.  One baby was left behind (ten feet) and was stopped behind a tree hollering for dear life.  I joked that she had forgotten one.  The baby pranced around our feet, no bigger than our cats.  She picked us.  Three quarters Nubian, one quarter Dwarf.  The other Nigerian dwarf never even glanced our way.  The two babies frolicked and danced around our feet as if they were meant to be together.  In the truck they went and that is how we ended up with these two love bugs.


The movie, Elf, prompted the name Jovie for the Angora/Dwarf mix, and Doug named the Nubian mix Betsy Ross since she was born on Flag Day.


I just went to check on them, as they were much too quiet, and they are curled up near Bumble, the farm dog.  Our dream  is coming true before our eyes.  And somebody peed on the couch.

4 thoughts on “Goats on the Couch

    1. They are so cute. Particularly when one of them peed on my friend while he was holding her today. He went home with a wet crotch. Hope he can explain that one to his wife! Bad Jovie!

  1. I’m sure there is something I can teach someone in exchange for a couple cute goats. Let’s see? Hum? Still thinking . . . . . . I can bake a truly awesome chocolate chip cookie. Seriously, people request my chocolate chip cookies. Anyone out there want to trade my a couple cute little goats for a chocolate chip cookie baking class? Anyone?

    I really need to get moved to the country so I can get me some goats!!!!! They are so adorable!!!!!! In the meantime, I will continue learning all I can about goat care, milking goats, making goat milk soap, butter, and cheese.

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