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"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien


We awake before the sun and make the long drives to the farmers market of the day.  After many hours and hot pavement, we make the trek home.  Then we repeat it the next morning.  We are tired, dirty, and hungry!  I put off making dinner last night to spend time with Doug in the garden.  He was watering the thirsty plants while we caught up on the day and enjoyed ice cold beer.  But then it was inevitable, dinner had to be made!  The freezer and the root cellar to the rescue!  This is what we call fast food at our house.  There were a few fish in the freezer, a two year old jar of homemade sauerkraut in the root cellar along with a jar of apples I put up with a bit of honey added.

I informed Doug and Emily in my snootiest voice what dinner would be this evening.

Freshly caught Rainbow Trout (that Rich caught for us) stuffed with savory rosemary and sage (from the porch) then breaded in organic cornmeal, barley flour, salt, pepper, and chipotle powder.  Sautéed in goat’s milk butter and scallion oil.  Topped with salty sauerkraut and honeyed apples sautéed in the pan drippings from the fish and browned butter.
I told them I would send them each a bill for $30 a plate.  Dinner took all of ten minutes to make and then I got to put my feet up!  Do enjoy with deliciously cold beer or hard cider. (You don’t need a recipe, just wing it following the ingredients in order!)

One thought on “Fast Food

  1. aumcchildren says:

    Fast meals are a must with the busy season of summer. I always keep a package of burger meat in the freezer for burgers on the grill (easy and fast), I also keep a few frozen meals that I can throw in the oven while I’m weeding(no work required except remembering to come in). The other day I knew I wasnt going to be home all day so I butchered a chicken the night before and put everything needed to make a nice soup in the crock. The next day, pulled it out of the fridge and set it on low all day.

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