Trench Planting


I am highly forgetful.  I have selective memory and I forget from one year to the next what that season is actually like.  I imagine long leisurely days in a hammock with a cold drink, the breeze slightly lifting my hair, a sleeping dog at my side for the summer.

IMG_0632 (that cloud is actually smoke…)

Spring, all her calming, fragrant beauty stayed with us but three weeks.  It is now full on summer here.  The temperatures have been around 100 degrees, the wind is fierce and filled with thick dirt, the fires have returned to the front range, their menacing hands threatening our friends and fellow farmers.  The evacuation site for the nearest one is in the fairgrounds behind my house.  As we pray for those affected and for the wildlife in the path, we are thankful for everyone’s safety.


We trudge on.  If we want to eat this winter, we need to get back out into the garden and keep the plants from blowing away or sizzling from the dry heat.  The hammock will have to wait.

I am going to try and plant a different way for these next batches of seeds.  I am going to plant them in a trench.  We all know about raised beds, but sunken ones will be more suitable for our climate!  Raised beds provide new soil if necessary and drain well.  Water drains a bit too well here.  A trench just three to six inches deep will protect the lower parts of the plant from the wind, and keep valuable water near the roots longer instead of being whipped away to Kansas along with my laundry hanging on the line.  Everything can be snug in their little rows of trenches, roots strong, water efficient.

I will plant beans that way today and let you know!

7 thoughts on “Trench Planting

  1. Best wishes and let us know how that method works. It’s interesting how weather can vary so widely among the farms in our country. We’ve had record rainfall and fairly consistently mild (sometimes even cold) temps all spring. Usually by now we’d be full blown summer already. I haven’t had to irrigate at all so far this year.
    Hoping you stay safe from the fire and get some relief soon from the smoke.

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