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"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien


I hate limbo.  I like things nice and organized.  Memos about the future, perfect accounting, smooth plan making…I am a tad power trippy.  I panic.  Our shop is for sure closing but our business is not.  I felt like we needed to move quick, save money, find a cheaper place, not live in a box!  I tell you what, simply mention how many animals you have to a prospective landlord and you aren’t likely to hear from them again.  I finally found a house (adobe, no less!) that would take all our animals.  She was in a pinch and needed the money ASAP.  By the time we would have paid the deposit, two rents in one month (already paid it here), two utility bills in one month, and taking into account the sheer distance of out in the middle of nowhere, but can’t have roosters, it was, the gas money pretty well took away any savings we would have gained.  So, Doug made an executive decision.  This is a rare occurrence, folks.  We will work our booties off.  We will set up a road side stand in front of the house.  We will make this work.  And we will stay where we are.  It is a relief for him to just make that decision.  I still worry about losing everything.  But I guess we can’t live our lives worrying about everything.  Here we are on a perfect mini-farm.  Let’s make it work!  Pumpkin Hollow Farm is going to be great.  Come by and visit our roadside stand!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Hollow Farm Strikes Again

  1. aumcchildren says:

    Trust God will take care of you, you can do this 🙂

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