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Did you know that there are studies out there proving that conventional sunscreens actually cause skin cancer?  There are many chemicals in our body products that cause cancer.  Scary.  There are many things that one can do to protect from sunburn.

olive oil

Something that people often forget is that the sun itself is not harmful.  The companies that sell sunscreen and treat skin cancer sure don’t want you to know that.  Don’t take my word for it, research it yourself!  Now the sun can heal many ailments from impotence to kidney failure by exposing areas to the sun (not in public, folks) and can help eyesight and improve levels of Vitamin D which can help prevent and treat myriads of ailments.

Here is how not to fry your skin.  Coconut oil is about a 12 SPF.  Slather on and crave stir fry all day, but it sure does feel good on the skin.  Olive oil is a 10 SPF.  Use with beeswax which is an additional 2 SPF in a nice salve or lotion.  Eating mostly fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds provides your body with all the enzymes, phytochemicals, and antioxidants it needs to keep cancer cells from coming through the skin and helps prevent burns.  They also fight and prevent cancer internally as well.  If you really need a good sunscreen because you will be out fishing, at the beach, or in the garden all day, add a little non-toxic zinc oxide (available in powder form on the internet) to non-toxic lotion (only ingredients you recognize!) and slather on.

Our sunscreen at the shop uses demulcent olive oil, beeswax, water, essential oils, cancer fighting herbs (that also protect against burn) like chaparral and comfrey, and a little zinc.  This keeps us, and the new baby, from getting burnt and keeps our skin super soft, smelling wonderful, and keeps cells healthy.

Skin is the biggest organ on your body, make sure you only put fresh ingredients on it!  Get a bit of sunshine each day, it’s good for you!

If you do get fried, fresh aloe vera juice, olive oil, and lavender essential oil diluted into coconut or olive oil will help the burn disappear overnight! to find out how clean or toxic your body products are and http://gardenfairyapothecary for some clean ones!

7 thoughts on “Natural Sunscreen (and sun myths)

  1. Is there a specific recipe for the “if you do get fried” concoction? I am hoping to make my own sunscreen soon with coconut oil, zinc oxide, bees wax, and vitamin e oil.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I make a great lotion that is just olive oil, lavender, and beeswax with lavender infused into. You could blend together a 1/4 cup of olive oil with an 1/8 cup of aloe vera and a 10 drops of lavender essential oil and apply to skin.

      1. Cool, if I am unlucky enough to get burned this year, I will have to try that. Thanks.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Do you sell your stuff online? If not, you should! I would certainly buy the sunscreen you talked about that you have in your shop. Perhaps that could be a great new way to add the income you need to stay in your house. I’d be a customer!! Even just an Etsy shop if you don’t want your own website 🙂

    1. Vanessa says:

      Just another idea – I volunteer for the High Plains Food Co-op running people’s orders up to the mountain customers (I’m in Colorado too), and they are always looking for new producers. If you signed up with them, co-op customers all over Colorado and Nebraska can purchase your items and you would only have to make one lump delivery to the co-op and they would distribute everyone’s orders for you – if you’re interested please email me! Your stuff would be a great addition, they have lines of goats milk soaps and lotion, but no herbal remedies, and it would sell like hotcakes!

      1. Farmgirl says:

        Hi Vanessa! I think being a part of a co-op would be great for us. is our address. We are in Kiowa. Our shop is currently in Elizabeth.

      2. Vanessa says:

        Awesome!! I will be a website customer for sure. If you want to consider the co-op, check it out here: . Email them if you have any questions, Jo that runs the website is an awesome lady and will help you out! You can sign up on the site to be a producer under the “Join” tab. I believe there are other producers in your area too, so one of them would probably even be willing to pick up your products on their way to the distribution site in Denver. Deliveries are the third Thursday of the month.

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