The Handy Dandy Mower

push mower

“What are you doing?” He hollered out the window at me.  His green minivan pulled over on the wrong side of the street, window down, creased face looking at me as though I might be highly amusing or highly strange.  “I’m mowing the lawn!” I answered.  “I haven’t seen one of those since I had to push one as a kid.  What you need is a mower!”  “How will I get my exercise?  This thing does alright.”  He shook his head, pulled into his driveway across the street and proceeded to pull out his gas run weed-wacker.  Occasionally sneaking a peek at what I was doing.  I kept smiling and trekking on.

The mower itself cost me what a gas run mower may have cost but I never have to put gas in it.  It is perfect for regaining lost winter arm strength…and every other muscle.  As long as I sharpen the blades before I use it, it cuts just fine (I use a kitchen knife sharpener).

We have had a lot of rain lately, which is joyous and I continue to perform an odd rain dance (bouncing around in the back yard, please rain! please rain! water is really expensive here….) daily and so far it has rained nearly every day.  My seeds are sneaking their new green heads out of the soil and the daily sun has been awaking the world.  Including the crab grass.  It grew another four inches in a week.  I also had chunks of sod and dirt from my rototilling project over the weekend all over the place so it was like four wheeling over uprooted ant hills, over sod chunks, and cutting through thick, laughing grass.  I was pretty well over it by the end.  A bit sunburned and I got bit by a ranting red ant.  I smiled and waved over at Leo.


Okay, so the push mower doesn’t like to go 4-wheeling.  Tis not a Jeep!  It works best on regular yards and makes quick work of paths.  Keep the blades sharp and it is virtually effortless to push.  No continuous use of fossil fuels needed and it is light and convenient.  I stem from generations of women and men that have specific jobs.  My mother cleaned the house, cooked our meals, ironed, mended.  My dad worked all day, took out the trash, tended to repairs and mowed the lawn.  Never in my life have I run a gas powered mower.  I have a small frame, could blow away in a wind storm, and have no use for machines that can overpower me.  I like the peaceful, whoosh, whoosh of the push mower.  The grass kicking up beneath it, the knowledge that I am using that much less gas and not polluting the air.

Every urban homestead can use a push mower.  Muscles, fresh air, cut grass, and you can make the neighbors stare.  Classic.

(I got mine from Lehman’s)

10 thoughts on “The Handy Dandy Mower

  1. Very cool. I used to own a lawn maintenance/landscape company, so I don’t like to spend much time cutting the grass these days. I still have a commercial walk behind that gets my whole lawn done in 15 minutes. But I could see enjoying using a true push mower for awhile. I could definitely use the exercise. Thanks for posting this. How much was yours, if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. I am going to Lehmans in Ohio in the fall on vacation. I dont think I could handle push mowing. I let the lambs do it but if I have to mow the entire yard, it takes an hour and a half with a rider! I dont have time..I’ll have to use the lambs best I can to save on gas lol.

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