You Know You are a Farmgirl When…


You know you are a farmgirl when:

Wearing pajamas and galoshes seem to be a very good fashion statement. (Particularly early in the morning when letting the chickens out.)


You  have to get a babysitter for not only the cats and dogs, but the chickens as well when you want to go out of town. (Thanks Kat and Faleena!)

That bright light coming through the window in the morning is your alarm clock. (Not Doug’s…but he isn’t a farmgirl.)

Your normal activity is far harder than any gym. (As I lay gasping for air on the couch after hand grinding a mere 2 cups of flour!)

You are somehow thankful for and cursing the snow all at the same time. (Is it too much to ask for 70 degree rain?!)


You would rather be outdoors in the dirt or with the farm animals then cooped up inside. (Perhaps I need a tent?)

You visit friend’s houses and check the soil by scooping it up in your palm. (ooh, too much clay…)

The colors of your interior are not taupe or cream but mud. (When will this greyhound learn to wipe his feet?)

Always watch your step. (Chickens that want lovin’s stop quickly beneath one’s feet, and there are always surprises in the form of poo in the grass.)

The crabgrass is growing beautifully. (Hey, grass is grass!)

When visitors from the city exclaim about the deer and you say, “I see more than that on the way to my chicken coop in the morning!” (True story.  Doug said that.)

You look skeptically at food in the grocery store and wonder how many landfills this place could fill.  (And have a mad desire to provide your own food!)


Long skirts and aprons are always in style!

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