The Odd Chick Out


Let’s play a game, “Which one doesn’t belong?”  I think I used to watch that game on Sesame Street.  This game involves small puppet like creatures as well.  The three Cuckoo Marans that I brought home were very tiny and adorable.  The smallest melted my heart from the get go.  She was smaller than the other chicks and kept getting her bottom mucked up.  I had to clean her backside so much her tail feathers didn’t grow in for a long time!  She waddles around with the other nine chickens, smaller and prettier.  After the first few weeks I noticed that Louisa was lighter colored than Liesel and Brigitta.  While Liesel and Brigitta have decidedly rich dark brown feathers with little white spots, their little sister has white and almost blue feathers.  I told Doug, “I don’t think she is a Marans.”  Yesterday I noticed the cute little comb forming….Wait a ticket, I think we are on to something here.  The other girls do not have their combs yet.  Nor their wattles.  And this darling little girl is already growing both before all of her feathers are even in.

Hello handsome.

So, my chicken folk out there, am I right?  Is Louisa really a Louis?

His daily kisses have been doubled as I want the most spoiled, friendly rooster out there.  I thought we could name him Capt. Von Trappe, since we have all the Von Trappe singers over here (except Louisa apparently), but it was nixed almost immediately.  “Mr. Higgins!” Shyanne loudly called out.  “His name must be Henry Higgins.”  Andrew and Emily quickly agreed.  Doug wanted the name to be Colonel.  He was outvoted in a loud teenaged manner.

My Fair Lady is Shyanne’s favorite play.  When pronouncing Mr. Higgins’ name, one must take care to keep the H silent and you must have a bit of an English accent when addressing him.  “Allo, Enry Iggins!”

Meanwhile inside the coop, when the big sisters are out to play, the babies have a hey day.  Should you peek into the coop mid-day you will find what looks like the inside of Santa’s workshop with toys flying lopsided in circles.  Little toy chickens flying here and there, crash landing, then stealing their big sisters’ food.  Adorable.

We are not afraid to admit it, we are officially Chicken People….and I think we have a rooster.

6 thoughts on “The Odd Chick Out

  1. One of my favorites is a rooster! I haven’t named him yet, but he is on the ‘no kill’ list at the neighbors! He’s black, I already have an Angus in the form of a cat. Need a good, hearty Scottish name!

  2. Hmm… Maybe. But if he (or she) is a different breed, that would also explain it. Henry may yet have to be Henrietta. 🙂

    We bought some black leghorn pullets a couple of years ago and one turned out to be a chocolate maran rooster! His name is Dee Dee and he’s be happily roostering here ever since.

      1. Our experience has been that it varies by breed and by chicken. We’ve had a few that I had concluded were hens start crowing at prove me wrong, probably at about 6 months. If you’ve never heard a young rooster trying to learn to crow, you’re in for a treat. 🙂

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