Keep Calm and Start a Farm

keep calm

I nabbed this off of Facebook.  Such a glorious poster!  I’d like to greatly enlarge it and plaster a main wall with it just to keep me focused.  I tend to overthink every situation, worry about every possible scenario, plan not only Plan A, but Plans B, C, D, and parts of E.  I am a “go getter” which both exhausts and over stimulates me…and my husband.

People have asked, “Why don’t you buy?”  “Oh, we can’t buy.”  That is always my answer.  We fell on our faces after perfect credit scores and a cushy lifestyle to the sound of the housing market.  We lost our house and car within three months.  That was three years ago.  The car company sold the minivan but still is coming after us for thousands.  We have this and that black-marking our credit.  But, then I started thinking (uh oh, there I go again),  here I keep praying for a farm and then looking up rentals.  Perhaps I am supposed to have my own farm!  (Well, not my own, Doug wants one too.)  So, we asked a mortgage lender and we can qualify three years after a foreclosure.  This means the craziness is about to begin.

See, here are the scenarios….

Currently our bills are too high and the sales at our shop are too low.  There is a possibility that the new owners of our building where our shop is located will raise the rent exorbitantly to match surrounding rents.  There is the need to pay off the items on the credit report, start saving boatloads of money to get us through winter if necessary, or to just pay off the debts, and/or to put a down payment on a farm.

Or….the rent won’t go up, sales will pick up, and we will just need to make extra for the fixing of credit and down payment of a farm.  Or….this is the point where I need an herbal anti-anxiety! (St. John’s Wort anyone?)

No matter what the situations involve this summer there is one thing I will do.  Work my farmgirl tail off.  Five farmer’s markets a week.  Two booths, one with the Apothecary and one with me and Nancy and our daughters’ Farmgirl booth.  The Farmgirl booth will be filled to the brim with everything we make from our respective homesteads.  Homemade goat’s milk soap (we are making four batches today with creativity and fun in mind), fresh breads, scrumptious pies, crisp greens straight from the garden,  our farm fresh eggs, sweet medicinal honeys, organic teas, hand roasted coffee from Emily.  Double stitched aprons, charming candles, and whatever else our entrepreneurial farmgirl spirit inspires us to do! The Apothecary booth is our mini-store.  We’ll bring a baby goat and our new granddaughter and we should have the most popular booth there!

Dawn to dusk we will work.  Farmer’s market and the shop.  Canning, gardening, and the regular homestead chores.  Keep up with farmer’s market products.  I will be exhausted.  Tan.  Content.  And that much closer to getting a farm.

Keep Calm And Start A Farm

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