Our Future Goat


Well, we found them.  The cutest goats in the world.  It’s been a long journey.  We pulled into the driveway and could hear them.  The incessant bleating of babies wanting to be picked up and given a bottle!  What we encountered was a large pen of Pomeranian-sized infants with little round feet, big eyes, and heartwarming antics.  Running on top of each other to get our attention, they would stop to wrestle, then settle down to the business of winning us over.  They were so tiny, how could we not fall for them?


You remember my story about the bruiser Nubians?  And then I was pondering Angoras and Alpines?   But then we met Nigerian Dwarves.  And our future is set.  We are getting goats next spring if all goes well.  Right now I bought a double share of milk from the family we visited so that we will have plenty of cheese and butter throughout the winter if I freeze the milk.  What a treat!  And we now have a source to adopt adorable goats from come next year.


Nigerian Dwarves are good, little milkers; enough for a family.  They are compact creatures with puppy-like behavior that want to live in the house and follow you everywhere.  Our kind of animal.  Their babies melt hearts instantly.  Our future is sealed.

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