Farmgirl School

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien


How lucky we are when we can find a mentor.  Debbie is a Master Gardener and willing teacher.  And since I was not raised on a farm or with any pass down farming knowledge, it has been all trial and error for twenty years!  Mostly error.  Every week that I go to her house and stand in her greenhouse in all its tropical luxury or outdoors among the cattle and rolling hills, I learn so much.  So many things that would seem obvious coming to light.

We planted onions last week.  In a 10×10 bed she stuck the thermometer in and it registered 40 degrees. We gathered up the bags of onions.  Every four inches we punched a little hole a few inches deep with our fingers.  Four inches in every direction went an onion.  She asked me if I knew which way to plant them, what side faces up?  I was so thankful that I did.  Sometimes I feel like a complete kindergartener in the soil but then I am happy in those moments when I can puff out my chest and say, “Yup!”  I have planted my fair share of upside down daffodils, tulips, onions, and garlic over the years.  I think I know better now!  I rather fear that in a month or so she will know which side of the bed I planted.  I imagine her beautifully straight rows on her end and the crooked grid on mine!  Onions every which way!

Roughly 20 minutes of water a day if there is no moisture.  Perhaps doubled that in the heat of summer.  In late summer the green tops will topple and the onions will be complete.  Now I need to know how to cure them and keep them all winter.  Mine turned to water after a month!

We are back from our trip and after redecorating my lair, I am getting out in that garden.  Need to pick up a soil thermometer.  Doug hasn’t had time to put in the drip lines yet so a low sprinkler on the early crops should be sufficient until he has a sunny weekend.

I can already smell the caramelized onions….

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