Pondering Goats…and baby pics


One of the most delightful things about spring are the babies!  So sweet and innocent, so new to this world.  The mama in me wants more babies.  Not the human kind; I am happy being a grandma!  But the furry kind.  These are pictures of Nancy’s two new additions to her farm.  The most darling little goats, the size of a poodle.  Besides having new playful kids brightening up her farm, she will also now be in butter, milk, and cheese once again.  This appeals to me.


I am allowed to have a goat where I live.  We could finagle a large section of the yard and a little house.  We could get miniature goats and try to keep them from escaping into the fairgrounds or the highway.  We could enjoy their antics and laugh despite ourselves at their naughtiness.  But there are questions for me to ask.  Where the heck do you get a baby goat?  It’s not like they are in the grocery store parking lot next to infant barn kitties.  Where do you get a pair of goats?  Would I be able to sell a baby if my mama goat only had boys?  Or would I become the local goat shelter and have fifty-two crazy little boys running about the property….not a drop of milk in sight?  Where do you sell goats anyway if you have too many?  The grocery store parking lot?  Oh, I have questions.  But I had questions when it came to getting chickens.  When it came to opening up my own shop.  I still am asking questions about bees. (They will be here in a few weeks!)  I have questions about goats.  Would I have to get permission from Doug?  Or would it be like when I brought home kittens, and just sprung it on him, “Guess what’s in the bathroom?”  He is a sucker for babies.  I guess he already knows my mind is reeling with new baby thoughts.  Tis spring after all!


Some more baby pictures:  This is the baby cow we are treating for an eye issue.  Shorter than my greyhound and a little chunk, she is four weeks old with big sweet eyes with a bit of fun in them.

And of course our own babies of the season.


And my favorite,


Happy Spring!

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  1. Jane Schneider says:

    I’m so excited that you will be keeping bees! If I were younger I would do it myself 🙂 I love bees and honey! My husband and son did beekeeping when the Boy Scouts offered a merit badge for it and another boy’s uncle had land to keep hives on. I helped with bottling and had honey for the ages.

    In Parker is the Edwards Foundation: http://www.edwardsanimals.com/
    Sometimes they have animals like goats to adopt.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I hope I don’t freak out and drop the package when they come! I think they will be wonderful.

  2. debweeks says:

    Goats are one of the biggest reasons I can’t wait to get moved and settled on our homestead. I want the chickens, we’re considering bees, we’ll have the enormous garden, a small orchard and maybe even a couple pigs (if I can talk hubby into it), but the goats are my biggest homestead desire.

    Are you on the Homesteading Today forum? They have a goat forum that will likely help you find the best avenue for getting a couple little goats on your homestead.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Goats seem so fun, don’t they?

  3. Liza says:

    Did you and Jill ever connect? I saw here on Monday evening to give hugs and kisses to one of my favorite baby goats, Delilah, as she and her sister are going to a new home. Did you know that you can house train a goat? I tried telling my husband this and he still wouldn’t let buy a sweet goat to call my own. Oh well maybe some day.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Yes, we are going over there Sunday to get baby lovin’s!

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