Keeping the Dream Alive

This is a painting I did of our future homestead.  Outdoor fireplace, garden, vineyard, enclosed courtyard, the barn is there too, you just can’t see it cause I didn’t paint it!  Just a small, cozy home for me and Doug and visiting kids and grandkids.  Someday folks, someday. In the meantime, we are off to New Mexico before dawn.  Six days of delicious New Mexican food, green chili, margaritas, old museums, magical churches, and inspiration.  Less thinking, more living.  My next post will be from Espanola! Continue reading Keeping the Dream Alive

Forcefield Fencing…no more deer buffet!

The first time Doug and I saw deer close up we were driving through a neighborhood to a dinner party and the lovely creatures were crossing the road.  Doug and I hung out our car windows whistling and blowing kisses like they were supermodels crossing a catwalk.  “Hey Beautiful!”  We were so astounded seeing deer close up. When we moved further out we found they were in our own yard every evening.  We watched in awe as a huge buck with a large rack (Hey there good lookin’!) jumped through a one foot opening into our garden.  We laughed and pointed and … Continue reading Forcefield Fencing…no more deer buffet!