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The Clean Green Homestead


Spring cleaning time!  Did you know that conventional cleaners are very toxic?  They can cause issues like asthma and even cancer.  They do seep through the skin and are inhaled.  They are also very expensive!  Not only that, but they are very hard on the environment as they never really go away, just go sit in our waterways.  You can save a bundle, and have a really clean, green, and healthy home by making your own cleaning products.  And yes, they work every bit as well as conventional.

Dusting Oil- This makes wood look brand new and super shiny.  The oil does dissipate.

Combine 3 oz. of olive oil and 1 oz. of lemon juice with 30 drops of lemon essential oil (or orange!)  Use an old cloth to apply.  Dust as usual.  Note: I use pieces of old socks.  I just throw the piece into the compost heap and not get oil all over everything in the wash.

Window Cleaner- Make sure you clean windows when the sun is behind the clouds or you will get streaks!

Combine 8 oz. of water and 8 oz. of white vinegar with 10 drops of lime essential oil into a spray bottle.


All purpose Cleaner- Add water to spray bottle first so that it doesn’t bubble over and all the soap is lost!

Combine 14 oz. of water and 2 oz. of Dr. Bronner’s soap with 30 drops of essential oils of your choice

Wood/Floor Cleaner-

Combine 4 oz. of Almond Dr.Bronner’s, 1 T of almond oil, 10 drops of orange essential oil in a container.  Squirt a little bit into a big tub and top with hot water.

Toilet Cleaner-

Toss in baking soda then add vinegar and watch it bubble, bubble.  Add a squirt of Dr.Bronner’s and use a brush to scrub.

Room Spray-

Combine 3 oz. of witch hazel, 1 oz. of water, and 60 drops of essential oil of your choice in a squirt bottle.


Aromatherapy Choices-

Tea Tree- Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, as good as bleach, kills mold, anti-fungal

Citrus (Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit)- Uplifting

Floral (Lavender, Rose, Jasmine)- Romantic

Peppermint or Spearmint- Uplifting

Cinnamon, pine, cedar, clove, or any of your favorite scents make fabulous cleaning products and room sprays.

We use Dr. Bronner’s to clean dishes and laundry.  Borax, washing soda, baking soda, and vinegar are all powerful artillery in the home cleaning arsenal. for cleaning product containers


Katie Lynn Sanders is the author of seven books, has been a speaker on sustainable living, and loves all things wine, regenerative agriculture, homesteading, travel, food, arts, crafts, books, and finding enchantment and inspiration in the smallest things. She lives on a one acre farm and vineyard, Pumpkin Hollow Farm, with her husband, fourteen chickens, three ducks, a giant Pyrenees, two goats, five cats, and visiting children and grandchildren in southern Colorado.

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