Homestead Hysteria


“Tell God your plans and hear him laugh.”  I know, this has happened to me so many times.  God saying, “You go ahead and think that, I’ll get back to you!”  And of course the end result is always lovlier and more than I could have wished for.  So, when does planning your homestead border on hysteria?  When is dreaming crossing the line of not being happy with what you have?  When contentment gets thrown out the window in lieu of penny pinching to make five more dollars towards an impossible dream?  How does one get a homestead?


In my mind is this piece of land ( read my post ) that is elusive to me.  I am being pulled in every direction but perhaps all in the same direction!  We said, “We need to live where it is very cheap, buy outright, live somewhere with a smidge of humidity so that we can actually grow stuff, and we’ll live happily ever after.  Maybe in Kansas.”  “How about the kids?” Doug says.  I say, “They will follow us!”  Uh, yeah.  Ok, so now we have a daughter living down the street, a daughter and sweet boyfriend twenty minutes away with the most adorable baby ever, and a son running around here somewhere who pops in regularly.  I love my town.  I love going into the bank and everyone so excited over Maryjane’s arrival.  The librarian made her a little sweater.  Everyone knows everything and it is comforting because everyone knows if you need help, or will celebrate with you, or will support you in your endeavors.  Screw it, I’ll get a greenhouse, I want to stay here.


We own a business that almost in its very design has to be charitable.  Therefore, in these times, we give away a lot of medicine.  One cannot hold back medicine from those who need it.  We are not out to make a million bucks.  We do not sell wholesale for fear of lessening the quality of our products.  Basically, we ain’t buying land!  But we live simply and we can pay our bills.  So, we could rent.  We have a lovely house here.  Just darling.  Chicken coop, backs to the fairgrounds, old beautiful house.  Really nice.  It holds me at length.  Taunts me.  The water here is exhorbant.  I cannot have goats or alpacas or sheep!  The house continues to fall apart and I have to find the money to fix it as hard times have hit our landlords too.  I am at that very point of hysteria!


Need a house.  Preferably a house that can be cordoned off into two; a walk out basement, something!  So that Bret and Emily, and Bret’s severe allergic reaction to my very lovey kitties can be prevented.  Land.  Irrigated.  Barn.  Please.  Someone has to have this for rent!  Affordable to herbalists.  In Elbert county.  In Kiowa.


Or, do I bite my lip, trust all works out, keep on with this house here and use the land my friend offered me to plant my farm?  It is a drive but it is irrigated land so that my water bill won’t be $300 and in a great location.  Hold off on animals.  Wait.

I do wish patience were a virtue of mine.


4 thoughts on “Homestead Hysteria

  1. You never know when your perfect place will drop in your lap. 😉 I know my dream is 40 acres or more…but like you said, affordable. and in Elbert County, cause this is home. I like our quirky towns too. But prices are still high in my opinion!

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