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"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien


It probably makes Doug happy that our anniversary is a week after Valentine’s Day because he is let off the hook for pricey Valentine’s gifts…just flowers and a sweet card will do!  I bought him a nice bottle of rum and a card.  Flowers might have been lost on him.  But for our anniversary we exchange something lovely.  Like turquoise oftentimes.  Cause Mama loves a little turquoise! And since that costs considerably less than a diamond, I am thinking Doug is a lucky husband to have it so easy!  This year, however, my jewelery box literally overflows.  I am a spoiled woman indeed with all my colorful baubles.  I can transport myself to Santa Fe in two shakes of a necklace or earrings…or bracelet or ring or multiples of them all!  So, he was a bit stumped this year.

I am having the time of my life writing this blog and I do imagine it as a book in about a year with the sequel being the bigger homestead and farm.  And as the paper I write for puts out its last edition today and the other publication I chose to stop writing for, and my next cookbook not coming out until fall, I am using all my creative writing energies here.  To entertain you folks, to record our happenings and make record of a life being well lived.  The only thing missing was bright colored photographs.  I have lovely pictures on here but they were taken from Doug’s ITouch which has no flash and that he was tired of me stealing.  So, out of the box last week twas not a piece of history from New Mexico, but a bright red, shiny, me-proof camera!  It is easy to use, has a brilliant flash, and takes marvelous pictures.  I can’t wait to use it to better record life on the mini-farm.  Close ups of chicken antics, lush vegetables falling off their vines, ideas and show and tells, bees in their natural habitat (or the one I made for them), plates of luscious food and wine, chronicles of a new baby…this is going to be fun.

This will be my last picture with the ITouch!  I have to use it to take a picture of the camera!  So, the photo journaling along with prose begins.  We always joke that my aunts are the paparazzi at family events; I now proudly join the ranks.

Now, awards time…(drum roll please)  Out of a hat, one name was drawn, and that name would be Liza!  Congratulations, you have won the February contest and a glorious basket of body products including my new soap!  March’s contest goes like this; What is one amazing tip you’d like to share?  Something to make mini-farming or housekeeping easier or more productive?  Can’t wait to read the entries!  The winner will win a free class at my home, a gift certificate to my shop, a free dance lesson, or a surprise gift from off the farm.  Your choice should you win!  Reply on the March Contest link. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Becoming the Farm Paparazzi (and who won the award)

  1. Liza says:

    AWESOME!!!! I LOVE your body products and reading your blog!!

    1. Katie says:

      Come in anytime and get your gift!

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