In Season

Between learning how to spin, how to knit, how to make soap, how to play fiddle and continuing all the other things I can do like crocheting, sewing, coming up with business ideas, cooking, baking, and attempting to be Susie Homesteader of the Year, I am exhausted!  I sit and look at the baby now.  … More In Season

Chick Magnet

The girls are looking fine.  We have only lost one of the infants (thus far and hopefully total!) and the girls are already showing vast personalities and trying to fly out of their plastic storage container.  They ended up back in Emily’s room because of the cold snap that we did not expect.  Two below … More Chick Magnet

Wine 200

We bartered for a class each.  I would teach her beginning herbalism and she would teach me beginning wine.  She reminded me of my ballet teacher in college or my sixth grade teacher.  She kept snapping at me.  She says, “What do you smell?”  Then just as quickly, “YOU ARE TAKING TOO LONG!”  “Uh,” I said … More Wine 200

Homestead for Rent

“Oh by the way, I was wrong.” “Sorry?” “About the rent, I was wrong.  Our place is for rent for….” The ground moves a little beneath my feet while that childish giddiness and unreasonable excitement wells up in my gut.  It is five hundred dollars less than he had previously quoted.  The perfect homestead was … More Homestead for Rent