Crazy about Cast Iron


There are several inches of beautiful laden snow already and the large flakes are still coming down.  I would like to put the Christmas tree back up, but Doug said no.  It is ethereal outdoors.  Here is a quick breakfast for you to throw together and put in the oven.  Then come back and finish reading my blog.
Crack 6 farm fresh eggs into a mixing bowl and add a splash of goat’s milk.

Then add any vegetables, cheeses, leftover anythings that would seem great in a fritatta and lots of herbs. 

Whisk together with 3 T of flour. 

Pour into a cast iron skillet and bake at 375 degrees until the top is lightly browned and a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. 

Delicious with hot coffee and a jar of peaches you put up last summer.

Alright, it’s in the oven?  Sit, I must tell you the story of how a cheap housewife became an iron junkie.  I used to purchase pans in pretty colors.  I found a whole set of pans that were pink and I just adored them.  The problem is that they were teflon.  Controversies on health aside, flakes of teflon in my eggs isn’t my favorite addition.  I desired a cast iron skillet but we thought they were too pricey as a young couple with three small, very hungry mouths to feed.  Then we discovered, it’s where you look!  Doug bought me a set of cast iron pans for Christmas one year.  They were twenty dollars at JC Penny’s.  The nice thing is, I will still be cooking in them when I have great-grandchildren!  They just get better and better and the environmental aspect of it needs not even be spoken of as I never have to purchase a pan again!


There is a gentleman around these parts called Wild BIll who peddles items.  (I need to get in touch with him because he is also a part of a bee keeping guild.)  He brings items that he thinks would be nice in my shop, or now that he knows my vice, cast iron.  I have purchased a fabulous large casserole pan (one I have never seen before) and a corn bread pan like my mother had.  The cornbread comes out looking like petite ears of corn.  I found my Dutch oven at an antique store.  I am still in the market for a larger one and a soup pan.  I presently use the enamel pans from Doug’s grandma’s old kitchen.


The most peculiar cast iron item I have was given to me this Christmas.  Doug could barely contain his enthusiasm for the gift he had bought me.  It was from a local artisan, he said.  It was too large to wrap, he says.  I am thinking up all sorts of great gifts….carved wooden statues particularly.  So imagine my surprise as I sleepily stepped out on to the porch Christmas morning and saw…a giant cast iron cauldron.  Witch and dry ice not included.  Not being fully awake, I first thought, “What is he trying to tell me?!” (am I the witch?)  I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  Doug’s face fell as he saw my confusion at the missing wooden bear that I was sure would be there.  It was just certainly a surprise!  It has holes in the bottom and was used as a fire pit.  So, any large soap, laundry, or candle making ventures are out.  It is completely rusted but can be cleaned up.  Walk by’s at my store already worry about my religious denomination being an herbalist so a cauldron will just further frighten them (which might be fun).  It weighs two tons, or so, so wherever it goes, it stays.  I am between two things….making it into an herb planter for the porch or keeping it as a fire pit for starry, sweet nights.  I do love it.  It is a fun and creative gift sold to him by none other than Wild Bill.

Enough with my soap box on cast iron skillets.  I hope you have one.  Every farmgirl ought to.  I feel like I am in Little House on the Prairie with mine.  Your eggs are done.  Have a warm and cozy snow day!