Ten Reasons to Run Away to the Country

1. There is nothing cuter than after yelling, “Where my chickies at?” an entire flock of girls, petticoats flouncing, running to you who then procede to follow you wherever you go.

IMG_0520 (Laverne and Ethel)

2. Upon taking a deep breath in one does not choke on pollution.  Breathe often.

3. Having a garden large enough to try many different heirloom seeds and the ability to grow one’s own food.

4. Neighbors mind their own business and home owners associations and all their power trips are non-existent.

5. Stars…so bright and beautiful you are forced to stop and gasp and breathe and be.

IMG_0485 (Full moon at dawn)

6. Cost of living is lower…simplicity, hurray!

7. People are friendlier…they wave, they help out, they smile.

8. Small towns are usually situated not terribly far from a larger city so conveniences are still available…in case one is in need of a cigar bar or movie.

9. Trucks are still considered cool…and parking spaces fit them.

IMG_0523 (Mama’s truck)

10. Country music, rodeos, fields of cows, blue skies, horses, and you can get away with wearing your apron everywhere.