Classy Farmgirl….taking classes that is

    Learning new skills is exciting, like opening a new page in our books.  Expanding what we can do in our life and what we can do for ourselves.  Learning also means teaching.  I read somewhere that we have a responsibility to teach what we know, so the circle continues.  Besides libraries and educational institutions, … More Classy Farmgirl….taking classes that is

Four Star Farmgirl (meal planning and movie stars)

We celebrated our anniversary this weekend with a stay at a four star hotel in downtown Denver.  It is a very old building with excellent service and two four star restaurants and lush surroundings.  We were standing in the foyer the other night looking at one of the menus.  A gentleman sat to our right.  … More Four Star Farmgirl (meal planning and movie stars)

The Well Behaved Goat

He went from being a cute little guy to something of a nuisance.  Like an oversized six year old, giggling and trying to wrestle, he started pushing me around.  It was unfortunate that my back was against the metal bars of the stall.  I could practically feel the bruises forming!  His horns, thankfully nubs, were … More The Well Behaved Goat

A Letter To Young Parents…(to avoid the woulda, coulda, shouldas)

Dear Parents of Small Children, There are some things that are not told that should be told.  You may hear that time flies and you will be left alone, so enjoy your kids.  That is the extent of what we hear!  My youngest turned sixteen yesterday.  A brilliant young girl, soon to be a mama … More A Letter To Young Parents…(to avoid the woulda, coulda, shouldas)

Farming Seasons

As I look out the windows and I write this, it is cold and clear.  Outside one window shows soft blue sky and a sweet blanket of white clouds, the other window shows the remaining sunrise rays lighting up the church steeple yonder and glistening the snow.  And it is snowing.  The snow is falling directly over … More Farming Seasons

Bringing Baby Home

At the beginning of April last year, I was nervous.  I had no idea what I was doing and how to take care of little fluff balls.  The memory that kept circling through my mind at the time was a late evening years ago when we walked into the house and the kids started yelling, … More Bringing Baby Home