The World of Free Knowledge and Serenity

I ordered three Cuckoo Marans (chocolate egg layers), three Buff Orpingtons (for their lovey disposition), and three Aracaunas (Easter egg layers).  I ordered three pounds of bees with the Italian queen.  I already picked up my custom made, gorgeous bee hive.  One hundred dollars worth of heirloom seeds are ordered.  *Sigh*  Now what?  Is it Spring yet?  I’m done resting!

kiowa library (our local library)

I spend this time learning.  I learn everything I can get my hands on.  I love the concept of homeschooling; you don’t stop learning at eighteen years of age, it goes on forever.  Any trade I want to learn, any skill I want to learn, any thing I want to learn, I merely need to step out the door and walk four blocks to my favorite place.  And it doesn’t cost as much as chickens, bees, and heirlooms.

A virtual vault of free, unlimited knowledge awaits us! It astounds me still that we have access to so much education, so much wisdom, so many good recipes all in one place.  Thousands upon thousands of books at our very fingertips.  The library is one of my favorite places in the world.  It is part sanctuary, part school.  The interlibrary system allows us to request books from all over the state so no matter what we want to read, we can usually get it.

When I was a child my grandmother asked what magazine I would like to receive for my birthday.  Every year I asked for Country Living Magazine.  An odd choice for a twelve year old.  I would receive the beautiful magazine in the mail, it’s cover shiny and inspiring, and tuck it in my backpack.  After school I walked to the library.  My folks were foster parents and along with my sister and brother, there were always two small babies and a lot of commotion at our house.  So, the library beckoned.  The library in Denver where I walked to was in Platt Park and looked like a miniature medieval castle complete with a turret and window seats that were tucked away from the rest of the library.  I would carefully remove the prized possession from my backpack, smooth down the cover, and read through.  Anne of Green Gables, Julie and the Wolves, all my favorites were brought to life in that silent turret of serenity.

library (Platt Park Library)

Our family has always loved books.  The children lugged home boxes of free books filling the book shelves with every title imaginable. The children were in writing clubs and well known to the librarians at the Parker library.  We walked or drove there once or twice a week.

When we were more flush in cash, and had first started homeschooling, our favorite outing was to the book store.  Our favorite movie, “You’ve Got Mail”, was replete with book stores.  We longed for the book store with its swank coffee counter and clean, fresh books at our fingertips.  At least once a month we carefully selected and carried out books for each of us.  At some point I realized that all those books were read once and then set on the shelf and when we moved we gave away many of them.  We downsized our life and our finances and our free state of mind came with the return of our free books and the library became our sole sanctuary once again.

The difference now is that we go to the book store, sip hot coffee while writing down all the new and old titles we want.  Save our hundred dollars and go request them at the library.  I have bee books, and farming books, and chicken books, and recipe books, homesteading books, Andrea Bocelli CD’s, travel books, wine books, and movies.  Doug has espionage books in case he is ever called on to become a spy.

I hope this inspires you to visit your local library and see what treasures unfold for you.  What are your favorite books?

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