Farmgirl School

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien

Farmgirl fashions have not changed much in the past couple hundred years.  Maybe our bloomers and corsets have been replaced with Victoria Secrets (a farmgirl has to feel a little sexy while shoveling manure) but the outer layers remain the same.  Such practical clothing has endured for a reason.  Now, many farmgirls I know do wear jeans.  I am five foot ten and a hundred fifteen pounds.  They don’t make jeans for me.  If the legs are long enough they figure I must larger so the crotch hangs down to my knees.  If the waist fits then I have high waters and the crotch goes up my… never mind.  Anyways, I don’t like jeans and rarely wear them.

In high school I wanted to be a fashion designer and took classes and came up with some pretty great designs.  Pity my sewing skills are limited to quilts, aprons, and skirts (like the one below).  My patience limited to small quilts, aprons, and skirts!  So, this is the city girl in me making homesteading clothes high fashion!


First, very important, the skirt.  The long, flowy skirt is fabulous in winter by keeping you warm, and in summer by keeping you cool.  My long skirts take me from season to season with only the addition of a heavy slip and tights in the winter, and flip flops in the summer.  I love the New Mexican style layered skirts.  I also pick up a new skirt every year from the Elizabeth Celtic Festival.  The young lady who has a booth next to mine makes the most beautiful, practical A-line skirts with elastic that are (gasp) long enough for me.  They are always made with tapestry-like fabric and in glorious prints.


A wool sweater is a must.  It has been the oddest season here in Colorado this year and for more than a week we have been below zero at night and not a whole lot more than seventeen degrees in the day.  Bundle up!  They last forever.


Vintage clothing is great for going to town.  This plaid, wool skirt is warm and cute paired with tights.  Equally cute in the spring without.


The boots are important.  I bought Crocs.  Very comfortable, covered in chicken #$#% and the snow leaks in the holes.  Tried galoshes.  Freakin’ adorable.  Not so much with the crack on the side.  Snow leaks in the hole.  I finally broke down and bought leather boots.  I said sorry and thanks to the cow that helped make them possible and I know that the boots will last a lot longer than the other footwear I have bought in the past, therefore I am being a bit better environmentally.  They are pretty cute though and they withstand everything I hand them.  Paired with alpaca socks in the winter, my feet stay cozy, light socks in the summer will make them look super cute in the garden.

Cute boots with Eliza

In the summer, fun sun dresses with the boots will be brought back out.  I’m Irish, English, Scottish, and Dutch….Mama needs a little sun on those legs come spring!  Luckily there are a few Native American grandmas in the mix to help me get a little tan.

Lastly, the party dress.  This picture is from last year’s fashion show I did for a company that turns old vintage dresses into cowgirl outfits.  Old vintage dresses go perfectly with sparkly high heels or cowboy boots and can be made casual or dressy.  With big chunks of turquoise, you will be ready for any event!

fashion show pic

One only needs a few flowy skirts, sweaters, warm socks, and good boots to get through the winter and a few great sun dresses and flip flops for summer.  There is only one thing you mustn’t forget…an apron! (see apron post in Crafts)

2 thoughts on “Farmgirl Chic

  1. That’s my kind of fashion!!

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