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"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien


I adore cuckoo clocks.  They are most necessary for any homestead as they do not require electricity nor batteries (which are most elusive around here).  I only have to be there twice a day to pull the chains, bringing the heavy pine cones back to the top and the time keeps on.  It keeps impeccable time.  Not only is it a magical clock (no batteries or electricity), but it will come out and tell me what time it is.  If I am stuck in the kitchen canning, that darling little bird will signal the lunch bell, or quitting time.  It rustles me from sleep and its gentle ticking puts me to sleep.  I scarcely hear the cuckoos unless I am needing the time.

Cuckoo clocks were invented two hundred years ago and were created by farmers during the downtime of Winter when they were snowed in.

This beautiful clock was a gift to me from my dear friend, Kat.  Her father collected clocks and her own house is filled with fantastic old clocks.  This one is so special to me, and it completes my home and helps me keep time.

The other day I noticed a habit I have.  Not a particularly good one, but I guess the beginning of a new year is a fine time to see one’s downfalls.  I waste an awful lot of time!  I have told you already that I cannot sit still to save my life and must be busy all day.  However, I realize that in between tasks, or during tasks, I wander.  I will get a thought in my head and go check something else out.  I will be reading an article, then on the computer requesting books from the library before I even finish the article.  I wander around looking for lost things, and lament my disorganization.

So, I am going to focus my wanderings.  I made a list of things I could be doing instead of wandering or to do if I am terribly bored (there is just not as much to do in the Winter!).  I will complete tasks at hand and get the house organized so I can find things easily. Other things I can do: (Until I can do it naturally I have to plan my downtime, but I am sure as I get older I will relax more easily!)

  • Read a chapter of a good book…Get lost in Italy, or a farm, or in a cookbook
  • Read a magazine…A full article, please
  • Write blog ideas…I am brimming with them
  • Practice knitting…Practice makes perfect, I sure hope
  • Work on the baby blanket…The baby will be here in less than three months!
  • Sew a nice farm skirt…Go find great fabric!
  • Plant some seeds indoors…I need more lettuce
  • Choreograph a dance…Why wait until the last minute?
  • Watch dance films…Inspiration for the dance company
  • Yoga…My back will thank me
  • Take a walk…Birds are filling the trees like apartment buildings, the air is cool and fresh
  • Take a bath…See my own post about taking time to bathe
  • Sit on the swing…It is a fabulous outdoor swing hanging from an old Elm tree, great for daydreaming
  • Listen to a great CD…Like Andrea Bocelli
  • Pray…Be thankful for blessings, too
  • Make a fantastic dessert…It improves the marriage
  • Call a friend…Or Grandma, she would love a phone call

Balancing farmgirl duties, shop duties, and other work with play that creates raucous laughter and fun while balancing rest so that my mind and body can take a break and replenish are important for me to learn this year.  This year is the year of balance.  Even the cuckoo clock rests in between shifts.

One thought on “Cuckoo Clocks and Farmgirl Time

  1. aumcchildren says:

    I love your list. I live in an organized chaos. I have a to do list that is a mile long. I chip away at it, all the while adding more lol. If I don’t get done oh well there is tomorrow. I have learned that if I don’t take time out to enjoy life, then there is no point in living it! There are days I’m overly busy and then the next day is pretty much not doing anything. I used to have a cockoo clock growing up. I would love to have one again. Looking at your list there are a lot of things we have in common. I make it a point to make time for a swing at least once a day for 5 minutes. I take a walk when I can. I have about 3 crochet projects going lol. I say practice doesn’t make perfect, but it makes you blankets for your house because you’re too embarrassed to give them to anyone lol!

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