Merry Christmas and Wishes


I have been awake before dawn.  A child-like giddiness remains in me.  I will have to wake the children in a moment.  I cannot wait much longer!  Andrew, Shyanne, and Emily do not think that Santa is coming because they are older and there was a silent sadness in them at the thought.  This in essence is our last Christmas in the memory we know.  Santa did come last night.  I cannot wait to see their faces.  Next year a grandchild, and grown children, and Doug and I will have to figure out new customs, but this morning, they are still my small children.

A few Christmas wishes for all of my friends out there; dear readers and friends to meet….

May you find fabulous books and art to inspire you,

That you may learn new things this year to come,

That you will have delicious wines and well seasoned food,

Conversations that sooth the soul,

Friends that you hold dear,

Well behaved family nearby,

Music that makes you sing,

Health in your bodies and in your minds,

To find Spirit in everything,

To be filled with joy and maddening laughter,

To have Hope, Love, and a Flourishing garden.

Merry Christmas one and all.  God bless you!