Hoodies, Grandbaby, and the Quiet Christmas


This year is quiet.  We are in a transition phase.  The kids are rarely home and at times it feels like we are empty nesters until we come home to see the house a mess and remember we aren’t!  I have a feeling the kids don’t want to be around us much anymore so we are not visiting Santa or seeing the Zoo Lights, or any other Christmas adventure.  The kids are, alas, grown up or very nearly there!  At nineteen, sixteen, and fifteen, they do expect Santa to still bring them rather large gifts, however!  This whole time gives me a myriad of emotions from reminisce for when they were little and loved seeing Christmas lights, and Santa, and their sweet homemade ornaments, to the frustrations of living with teenagers, to enjoying them when they are here, or fighting with them when they are here, to wishing they were home, to enjoying the quiet of just Doug and I here.  Oy, I hope this levels out this coming year!

But there is something on the horizon.  Another life is coming.  This time next year there will be a wee eight month old crawling about, pulling ornaments off of the tree, sucking on candy canes, and meeting Santa for the first time.  This new addition will be donned in adorable Christmas clothing of plush red velvet and faux fur or simple pajamas and she will likely be too cute for words.  At the end of March, I am going to be a Grandma!  Emily Lynn is having a darling baby girl.  I know this because the ultrasounds these days are absolutely amazing!  Maryjane Rose will light up next Christmas I am sure.  Grammie and Papa will once again be able to purchase little dolls, and toys, and start making new memories with a little one and maybe a baby here will bring everyone together once more!


Nothing inspires crocheting like a baby coming and I have been busy!  Tomorrow evening I am signed up to take a knitting class to make socks and sweaters and all sorts of new things!  But ever since I was twelve years old, I have been crocheting.  Since my Grandma (who is still with me thank goodness) patiently taught me how to make a granny square that I won first place at the art fair at school with, I have been creating patterns (because real patterns may as well be in Russian, I have no idea how to decipher them and my natural defiance makes me change everything anyways!) and making blankets and scarves and little hoodies like this one.  This one is very special because it is for Miss Maryjane Rose Helgesen.  Can’t wait to meet her!


These are simply two squares; one tapered down at the shoulders, and one smaller one with the two top corners brought together and everything stitched together and a simple draw string added.  This is made out of alpaca, it is wonderfully soft!


2 thoughts on “Hoodies, Grandbaby, and the Quiet Christmas

  1. WooHoo a crochet pal! Glad you’re going to be a grandma..I think..wait..unless you will feel old..then I won’t be glad. 😉 I have been trying to learn new crochet things myself. I’m making a doily. Yeah I know what am I going to use that for..who knows but I’m tired of the blankets and scarves. I’m going to do filet crochet next. I have a picture of a little cabin. Anyway that’s a cute hoodie!

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