Elderberry Honey

The Christmas cards are ready to be sent. Even though I paint and make my own cards, at Christmastime I love to purchase the Leaning Tree brand cards.  Full of sweet country houses, and farm scenes, and adorable animals, the glossy cards are carefully selected for each friend and family member from the box.  I would like to send Christmas cards every month!  What a fun surprise to receive a card in the mail. I bet receiving a Christmas card in April would really be a surprise!

With all the fun of Christmas starting, I was discouraged to have woken up with a cold yesterday.  It is almost gone today thanks to elderberries!  Here is a recipe for Elderberry Honey or Cold/Flu Honey as we used to call it when we did farmer’s markets.

2 Tablespoons of dried elderberries (if they don’t grow near you, you can purchase some online or at a health food store)

1 Tablespoon of dried peppermint

2 teaspoons of dried Echinacea

1/4 teaspoon of dried ginger

Place in a saucepan and cover with about 1 cup of honey. Heat over medium-low heat for 20  minutes, swirling pan often to avoid burning. Store in a small glass jar.

To use, spoon a big dollap into a tea strainer and pour boiling water over it to infuse into a mug.  Drink to your heart’s content and kick that cold!