Farm girl Beginnings

This is the beginning of a wannabe farmgirl, who grew up in the city, becoming a proper farmgirl. How I wish someone could tell me how much to water the corn, or what chickens would be great layers, or even what kind of trees to plant! So, we are going to learn together! Through my mishaps (which we’ll cry or laugh about) and successes (which we’ll brag and cheer about while strutting in front of the neighbors) a fabulous farm will be created.

As of right now, I am on two thirds of an acre in town in a rented house. My transition farm, we’ll call it. And when I have all the skills I need to be sustainable, an educator, and a proper farmgirl, I will buy or lease a “real” farm, whatever that means.

In the meantime, I have to go start supper and check on the chickens. My next post will be a proper introduction!