Flying the Coop

She didn’t come home last night. No, not the teenager (though she didn’t come home either, but that is a different story!), the chicken!  Ethel simply vanished yesterday.  When we arrived home from the shop she was nowhere to be found.  It was dark so we did search briefly, mainly to look for signs of … More Flying the Coop

Elderberry Honey

The Christmas cards are ready to be sent. Even though I paint and make my own cards, at Christmastime I love to purchase the Leaning Tree brand cards.  Full of sweet country houses, and farm scenes, and adorable animals, the glossy cards are carefully selected for each friend and family member from the box.  I … More Elderberry Honey

Cast of Characters

My given name is Katie, it is not a nickname, I don’t like the name Kate. Katie Lynn is such a marvelous farm girl name! Thanks Mom!  I am an herbalist by trade and own the cutest little Apothecary in the west. The Garden Fairy Apothecary is its name. My heart is as a housewife … More Cast of Characters

Farm girl Beginnings

This is the beginning of a wannabe farmgirl, who grew up in the city, becoming a proper farmgirl. How I wish someone could tell me how much to water the corn, or what chickens would be great layers, or even what kind of trees to plant! So, we are going to learn together! Through my … More Farm girl Beginnings